Race against the clock to clear the Solitaire board. Only the fastest players will win prizes.

Play for free or for KmP prizes in our Solitaire tournaments!

Game Rules:
Use all the cards in the deck. Build four-suit stacks in ascending order (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King).

Build stacks by either drawing a card from the draw pile (click on the draw pile with your mouse) or move an existing stack of cards (by clicking and dragging). Cards must be of alternate suit colors and the numbers must descend in order. For example you may play a black 2 on a red 3.

Clear the board by organizing the cards in ascending order into the Home Stacks (one stack for each suit) at the top of the game board.

Move card from deck to a column: 5 points
Move card to Home Stack: 10 points
Bonus! Clear gameboard before time expires: 700,000 points divided by total gameplay time (seconds).

Rank Username Score
1 Chris 9227
2 Fernando A 0503 8948
3 Daniel Axel T 8044 8555
4 Ma Elena G 3406 8219
5 Luis D 8701 8052
6 catalinaleal 7748
7 Vicente A 3906 7615
8 Lirica 7605
9 Alexanderlogan 7551